June 1989

  • 4
    Poland: The first round of partially free parliamentary elections; candidates of the “Solidarity” win 160 out of 161 possible seats in Sejm (Lower House of the Parliament) and 92 in the Senate; prominent representatives of the authorities on the “National List” suffer a crushing defeat.
  • 4
    China: The army massacres students protesting in Tiananmen Square in Beijing; thousands of people are killed, mass reprisals destroy the democratic reforms movement.
  • 13
    Hungary: The onset of the “Triangular Table” talks.
  • 16
    Hungary: A quarter of a million people in Budapest take part in the funeral of Imre Nagy and his comrades.
  • 18
    Poland: The second round of elections; candidates of the “Solidarity” win the last free seats in Sejm and 7 additional seats in the Senate (in total 99 out of 100); with a very low attendance, candidates of the governing coalition with guaranteed seats are elected to Parliament.
  • 23
    Bulgaria: The application to register the Independent Association “Ecoglasnost’” is rejected.
  • 29
    Czechoslovakia: Charter 77 members start to collect signatures under the petition “A Few Sentences” (alluding to the petition “Two Thousand Words” of 1968); 40,000 people signed the petition by November.
  • 30
    Poland: In Warsaw a demonstration is organised by radical opposition groups, including the Fighting Solidarity (Solidarność Walcząca) and the Federation of Fighting Youth (Federacja Młodzieży Walczącej), under the slogan “Jaruzelski must go!”; at the same time similar protests are organised all over the country.